Adv440 downloads

This is Peter Luckett's and Jack Pike's Adv400, dated 31 Dec 1978.


  1. Adv440 was originally known as Adventure II. In deference to this initial name, file naming conventions of the game are based on the AdvII name-stem. A separate document describes the history of the game.
  2. When unpacked, the playable versions consist of an executable and a data file, both of which must be in the same directory.
  3. The game is fundamentally "windows unaware" and has to be played in a console window.
  4. Depending on your browser setting, you may need to hold down the "shift" key while clicking on a link below, in order to download the relevant file, instead of viewing it. Viewing binary files is not much fun :-)
Linux build A gzipped tarball containing the executable and the data file.
DOS/Windows build A zipped package containing the executable and the data file.
Source bundle A gzipped tarball containing game sources and other odds and sods.

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