Adv550 C source download

The gzipped tarball adv550c.tgz () contains the ANSI C source files and header files, derived by my A-code-to-C translator from the Adv550 A-code master source. The basic build is trivial: just compile and link the lot using an ANSI C compiler, and you'll have a fully functional adv550 executable, defaulting to browser display. However, in the console mode (as opposed to the browser one) this executable won't support command history or editing, nor will it be windows-aware.

Follow this link if you need instructions for building less "dumb" console executables from the same C source.

The supplied C sources are known to build using gcc under DOS, Win98 (and later), Linux (all distributions), and also using native C compilers under Solaris2.x, Irix 6.x, HP-UX 10.x and VMS 7.x. It really should work with any ANSI C compiler. Do let me know if you come across any exceptions!

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Mike Arnautov,