Adv660 (a.k.a. Adventure4+) downloads

This is Mike Arnautov's {Adv660} version 10.10, 29 Jan 2009.

Some notes:

  1. This game is mainly of historical interest. It has been superseded by my Adv770, which incorporates all of Adv660! However, if you are so inclined, you can now play Adv660 on-line.
  2. This 14 April 2013 release uses the latest version of A-code and therefore non-DOS builds default to browser based display. Console display can be forced by using the -C (or /C) command line option. See the supplied README file for details.
  3. Depending on your browser setting, you may need to hold down the "shift" key while clicking on a link below, in order to download the relevant file, instead of viewing it. Viewing binary files is not much fun :-)
Linux executable A unified Linux console/browser build with command editing, defaulting to browser-based display. See the included README file for details.
MacOS package Mac OS X (10.4 upwards) universal build, defaulting to browser display, but permitting old-style terminal play as well. See the included README file for more details.
Windows installer Installer for a unified browser/console display executable ("console" meaning "DOS prompt")
Basic DOS build Zipped windows-unaware MSDOS executable with no command line editing. For use only on true DOS machines or under DOS emulators (e.g. DOSBOX).
C sources page A separate page for C sources and some optional bits and pieces.
A-code source page A separate page for downloading A-code source.
Game Master certificate Certificate that used to be issued to pleyers who could prove their complete mastery of the game. (The name of the last player so favoured is hardwired into the image – I have no tools to alter it.)

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