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This is Mike Arnautov's Adv770 version 2.11, 10 May 2015.
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You can sample Adv770 on-line (or play it entirely on-line, if you like), or you can download it to your own machine.
 Some notes:

  1. Please be aware that the major version number is now 2. Do not upgrade from a version 1.x if you have any saved games you wish to use again.
  2. See Adv770 FAQ () for answers to some questions about the game. (I said a FAQ! -- not a walkthrough or a hint sheet.)
  3. There is a separate bug list (10 May 2015), which lists known bugs and records their fixing.
  4. This 10 May 2015 release uses the latest version of A-code and therefore non-DOS builds default to browser based display. Console display can be forced by using the -C (or /C) command line option. See the supplied README file for details.
  5. Depending on your browser setting, you may need to hold down the "shift" key while clicking on a link below, in order to download the relevant file, instead of viewing it. Viewing binary files is not much fun :-)

Linux executable A unified Linux console/browser build with command editing, defaulting to browser-based display. See the included README file for details.
iOS app iPad port by Brian Ball available from iTunes for iOS 6.0 or later.
MacOS package Mac OS X (10.4 upwards) universal build, defaulting to browser display, but permitting old-style terminal play as well. See the included README file for more details.
Windows installer Installer for a unified browser/console display executable ("console" meaning "DOS prompt")
Basic DOS build Zipped windows-unaware MSDOS executable with no command line editing. For use only on true DOS machines or under DOS emulators (e.g. DOSBOX).
C sources page A separate page for C sources and some optional bits and pieces.
A-code source page A separate page for downloading A-code source.

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