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This is Chris Newall's Chimaera versions C1.001A, 12 May 2003. (NB this is a new, version, even though the version number remains unchanged!)

Chimaera is an unusual adventure, recently ported by its author from its original Prime FTN to ANSI C. Though clearly inspired by the Crowther/Woods classic, it departs radically from all adventure and adventure-like games that I've ever met: it is effectively infinite in its size and has no easily definable upper score. See what the author says about it.


  1. The game is not windows-aware and has to be run in a console window.
  2. The game uses the sqaure root library function and if built from the C source, it should be linked with the maths library (-lm linker flag on Unix/Linux).
  3. Depending on your browser setting, you may need to hold down the "shift" key while clicking on a link below, in order to download the relevant file.
  4. If getting a Linux executable, remember to set its "executable" flag before trying to run it.

chimaera Linux executable of Chimaera.
chimaera.exe DOS/Windows executable of Chimaera.
chimaera.tgz Gzipped tarball of ANSI C source of Chimaera.

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